INNOVARE provides complex support and assistance for innovative projects of any development stage. We work with seed & early stage projects (start-ups) as well as with growing high-tech companies, expanding their business activities and market presence.

  • INNOVARE provides inventors and start-ups with complex assistance in fundraising, including advice regarding suitable funding opportunities as well as direct contacts with institutional and private investors.
  • For innovative technologies and products owners, INNOVARE provides assistance in the process of industrial implementation, including contacts with industrial cusomers and partners.
  • INNOVARE supports all members in the process of entering and promotion of innovations on foreign markets (Switzerland and EEU: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, etc.). Our support includs all relevant consulting services (market research, search for industrial partners, risks analysis, etc.)
  • For Swiss high-tech SMEs INNOVARE provides consulting services and assistance in launching joint enterprises or registration of representative offices in EEU (including contacts with authorities, visa and administrative support, legal and fiscal consulting and assistance, etc.).

Additionally our members benefit from network expansion and determining new business opportunities through participation in international events and special meetings.

Many industrial companies, challenging to solve existing technical problems or being in need to find innovative solution to facilitate their business process have to handle with quite difficult task – to spend resources for a search for a right R&D partner or the most appropriate solution provider through variety of existing companies, high-tech clusters, research centres, etc. Joining wide network of INNOVARE is an effective solution for such companies. 

INNOVARE assists high-tech industrial companies in development and promotion of innovative technologies and high-tech solutions internationally - both on domestic and foreign markets.

For industrial companies, interested in outsourcing of R&D tasks, or finding high-tech solutions and technologies suppliers, INNOVARE provides complex support in the search for technologies and/or R&D partners according to target customer request.

For Swiss companies, focused on development and expansion of innovative technologies on Eurasian market INNOVARE together with authorised local partners provides relevant consulting services (market research, risks analysis, monitoring of competitors, search for strategic local partners, etc.)

For scientific community, including academies, research groups, R&D centers, innovation clusters, technoparks and others INNOVARE:

  • provides complex support in the technological transfer process, including assistance in industrial implementation, marketing strategy development, sertification processes, etc.
  • assists in the search for right partners for joint R&D development
  • coordinates information regarding international funding opportunities for research projects (grants, open calls, tenders, competitions, etc.)
  • provides information about international and local organizations, providing support to scientific and innovative projects.

Joining INNOVARE network investors benefit from an outstanding opportunity to introduce your company to broad target audience, to establish direct contacts with Swiss and Eurasian prospective start-ups, to invite partners for joint financing, to find best due diligence service providers and technological experts, etc.

For industrial and investor members INNOVARE provides access to the most complete database of actual innovative projects (eurasian and european) - INNOVARE Digital database.

On special requests INNOVARE can also provide its members with the special exclusive service – target search for innovative projects and start-ups/spin-offs from Russian and Eurasian research institutes and scientific teams (institutional and private organisations) with complex consulting assistance, including project expertise, due-diligence, etc.

Need a support in the process of search for investments, contacting with industrial or scientific partners, access to new markets or handling with variety of other questions related to the development of innovative project, business, technology? Fill in our application form and apply for complex support from INNOVARE, including access to our large partnering network in Switzerland and countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, direct contacts with variety of investors and financial institutions, opportunity to expand your innovative project on the international level and much more..